MUFON meeting July 18, 2020

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Our DFW MUFON meeting is scheduled for July 18th, 2020, 3-5 pm., a SATURDAY. Daniel Alan Jones will present a preview of his upcoming book "myth.OS - Mythical Operating System”. Be prepared to be taken into realms at the cutting edge of science, the unexplained, and our imaginations. We will also discuss our present MUFON Texas State Field Investigator status and sightings, and those in our DFW area. This will be a Facebook Live Streamed Event. BYOB and snacks by your side, at your laptop or phone and attend at this site. Q&A to follow.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Topic: Daniel Alan Jones on myth.OS and discuss sightings for the DFW area

When: July 18th 2020 Time: 03:00 PM - 05:00 PM Central Time

Where: Facebook Live

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From ancient philosophy to modern science, we have always questioned the true nature of reality and our place within it. Human civilization seems to have made more progress in the last century than in all of known recorded history, however, there is still so much that remains unknown to us. As we navigate through our developments with technological advances there are many obstacles we must still overcome and many challenging questions in life, but what happens when we experience something that defies conventional explanation? Does the future of our existence depend upon our potential for new discoveries? Does new information about our world force society to change? Will we ever have the capacity to fully comprehend currently unexplained phenomena?

In his new upcoming book, ‘myth.OS - Mythical Operating System’, Daniel Alan Jones presents a comprehensive model and unified theory for understanding consciousness at varying scales of reality by incorporating both new & old scientific mysteries along with the latest cutting-edge developments in technology & engineering. After a decade of research into unexplained phenomena, Jones offers insight on numerous fields of study as well as his own personal experiences in connecting with the people and places involved with an array of anomalous subjects. As we explore the possibilities of the future we may find that the mysterious nature of our world could be unraveled by integrating the realms of science and spirituality. There are monumental discoveries waiting to be made but we must be willing to face the unknown. We won’t know if we don’t go. The choice is ours.

Topics include: Consciousness, Metaphysics, Spirituality, Quantum Mechanics, Space-Time, Multidimensional Geometry, Advanced Civilizations, Simulation Theory, Extraterrestrial Life, AI, Transhumanism, Exotic Technology, Ufology, Alternate History, Anomalous Archaeology, Parapsychology, Paranormal Experiences, Non-Human Intelligence, Cryptozoology, and more!

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