MUFON meeting May 26, 2019

The DFW MUFON: Mutual UFO Network will meet again on Sunday, May 26th at the REC Center of Grapevine. Admission is $5. We will start the meeting with some introductions and some updates on news & events along with other resources provided by the Texas UFO Network and The Vortex. Chris Parsons will give an introductory talk on Ufology 101 and share about some interesting information regarding UFO studies.

Open to both MUFON members and non-members as well as LIVE participants, this meeting will be an interactive group discussion on the topic of UFOs & Mysterious Phenomena. The discussion will be moderated by Daniel Alan Jones Page and attendees are encouraged to ask questions, share experiences, and to be respectfully considerate of the information expressed and presented by other participants. Our objective is to offer a secure and constructive forum of discussion on the UFO phenomenon along with subsequent topics such as aliens, the abduction phenomenon, government & military involvement, disclosure, and more. Join us in exploring these mysterious subjects and opening our minds to the possibilities.

Link to the Facebook Event page:

Location: The REC of Grapevine Date: Sunday, March 31, 2019 Time: 3:00pm to 5:00pm Entrance fee: $5 per person The REC of Grapevine 1175 Municipal Way Grapevine, TX 76051 Phone: (817)410-3450 Our meetings are completely open to the public. No reservations or Mufon membership required. We also meet up for dinner afterwards at a local restaurant, for any interested. Direct Google Maps link:,+Grapevine,+TX+76051 DFW Mufon Facebook Page:

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