Houston MUFON meeting Aug 30, 2018

Special Event: Cash-Landrum Incident Site Visit and Sky Watch with British TV Series Filming August 30, 2018


We will first visit the site where the Cash-Landrum incident took place in 1980 on the North-East side of Houston. SKY-WATCH

Following the Cash-Landrum site visit, we will be have a Sky-Watch at a location near Crosby Texas which is about 20 minutes from the Cash-Landrum sight.


We will be joined by a British Actor (who has been announced as the next Companion in the new "Dr Who") and his son who are working on a new travel series in which they are going on an American Road Trip together. Both are fascinated by the study of UFOs and the dad is especially intrigued by the idea of alien life. The production is looking to capture some personal accounts from some of our members in a communal spirit and approach it with an open minded attitude. If you have had a personal experience you are welcome to share it with the production but there is no pressure and you are not obligated to do so. NOTE: They are filming a new travel series, they are NOT filming an episode of Dr. Who!


  • Dont worry about dinner! We will have some food and drinks available for purchase

  • BBQ Brisket sandwitches

  • Burgers

  • Hot-Dogs

  • Chips (that's "crisps" for you Brits!)

  • Water and Soda

  • Maybe some other stuff too!

  • Yes: You *can* bring a cooler with your own beverages and food.

  • We will be able to take Cash, Credit Cards, Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay® and Google Pay®


  • When: Thursday August 30, 2018 5:00pm to Midnight (CDT)

  • Where: Flatwoods: 2445 County Road 6026, Dayton, TX 77535 - Google Maps Link

  • 5:00 - 6:00 Meet and Check In at Flatwoods (see notes below)

  • 6:00 - 6:30 Team up and load into as few vehicles as possible

  • 6:30 - 7:00 Drive to Cash-Landrum Incident Site

  • 7:00 - 7:30 On Site at Cash-Landrum Incident

  • 7:30 - 8:00 Drive back to Flatwoods

  • 8:00 - 9:00 Eat some FOOD and set up for Sky Watch

  • 9:00 - Gets Dark around 8:45-9:00

  • 9:00 - 12:00 Sky Watch

  • 12:00 Event ends, depart Flatwoods


  • You will be required to sign a liability waiver to enter the Flatwoods site.

  • Once you have signed a waiver you will be issued a wrist band.

  • Anyone without a wrist band will be asked to leave the property!

  • The site is private property and is not ADA compliant!

  • There is deep water, uneven ground, trip hazards and wild life.

  • There are Snakes, Alligators, Turtles, Sasquatch, Chupacabra, fire ants, mosquitos and MANY other animals and insects.

  • This is a Private Family Property, we have many children and adults on the property frequently. The wildlife will avoid the people and noise. Watch your step, keep with the group and do not wander off into the woods alone and you will be OK.

  • You can download the waiver here. Please download it, review it and sign it ahead of time to expidite entry into the Flatwoods property.

MORE INFORMATION You can find more information on the Cash-Landrum incident here:

You can find more information about the Sky-Watch here:

  • Location: Flatwoods: 2445 County Road 6026, Dayton, TX 77535 - Google Maps Link

  • One of our members has committed to bring some night-vision gear to enhance our experience!

  • Sky watching and hanging out with the group is free

  • Bring a lawn chair

  • There will be food, water and soft drinks available for purchase, however you can bring your own cooler with refreshments

  • There may be MUD: Do not wear your good shoes

  • There are trip hazards, ants and critters: Closed toe shoes or boots are recommended.

  • This is an outdoor event: Bring bug spray

  • The temperature may drop at night: Bring something warm just in case

  • It will be dark: Bring a flashlight

  • Bring a telescope or binoculars if you have them.

  • If you have any night vision gear, definitely bring it!

**NOTE** We are going to change things up a little this month This WILL BE our September meeting We will NOT meet 9/1/2018 We will NOT meet at the normal location In case of RAIN or CLOUDY SKIES, we will still meet at the Flaywoods site from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. If weather permits we will still visit the Cash-Landrum Incident site. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. You can contact me at sbmufon@gmail.com or call me at 832-463-1791.

Finally, We do not have a membership fee so we are asking for a $5.00 voluntary donation per person at the event. You are NOT required to donate. This money goes to pay for drinks and snacks at the general meeting, for the Meetup site fees, for any other expenses related to running the meetings and helps us to have events like this. The books are completely open on this and I will have a spreadsheet of the account available at the general meetings if anyone is interested. As always, Keep your eyes to the skies! --Steve

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