The Truth IS Out There!

MUFON Field Investigators

Ever had that yearning to be more than just a bystander with all this Forbidden Knowledge staring us in the face?

Want to meet this phenomenon head on and find out for yourself the difference between fact and fiction?

MUFON, civilian run, was started in 1969 at the close of Project Blue Book. This allowed the reports to keep being taken, but got the USAF off the hook so they could publicly state that they no longer investigated UFO cases.

This means, as MUFON Field Investigators, we are doing the same type of investigations that Dr. J. Allen Hynek was doing 60 years ago.

If analyzing data, piecing together information, interviewing witnesses, use of the scientific method, research, and investigation interest you...

Join the ranks of the MUFON Field Investigator's Team!

Feel free to drop by our meetings and ask any questions you have about being a Field Investigator. Our Chief Investigator for Texas, with over 30 years in MUFON, attends all of our meetings here in DFW, along with a few of the local Field Investigators. MUFON HQ's Director of Investigations is also known to show up every few meetings and has answered several questions on the subject.

If you can't make our meetings, feel free to use the CONTACT tab on this website to ask any questions.

Summer is coming and the sightings are about to ramp up!

For more information about the process with MUFON to become an FI, click below:

MUFON Field Investigator

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