9/25/16 Meeting Notes

Information from our last meeting:

1. We had 45 attendees!

2. Chief Investigator of TX, Gary Neitzel, went over a detailed report he investigated back in 2012 in Ft Worth, TX, that also aired on Hangar 1. After the discussion, we were also able to watch the segment from the TV show.

3. Through Q&A, we got on the subject of Aurora. Nate Riddle, author of Lone Star Saucers, was in attendance and gave us a brief rundown on the Aurora crash incident. We will also be given more information at the next meeting about the Anniversary get together for the Aurora Incident, for anyone interested.

4. Mufon's Director of Investigations (DOI), Steve Hudgeons, was in attendance and gave a talk on his background and gave a Q & A session answering questions from the group on certain events he investigated.


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